Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Microsoft: another happy customer

Believe it or not, Microsoft seems to be another happy Sun customer!
We cannot say it very loud, as it is a secret, you know, some of our customers don't want to talk about how they are building their infrastructures, but Microsoft is buying our Datacenter in a Box (aka BlackBox) to build some of their new data centers.

Thanks a lot dear Steve. Now I see a bright future to our friendship. You can even run Vista in my boxes if that pleases you (our offer to use the Solaris kernel in the next version of Vista Server stands).

I know some people don't really think this is a good idea, as they feel that the Earth is plenty of space to store an infinite amount of servers wherever we want, but, following that reasoning, there should also not be any problem in finding space for housing, and we all know how much is worthwhile a house in Tribeka or in Georgetown, for instance.

Follow my advice: put a Blacbox in your life (nice iron, and we have it in every color you want, as long as it is black... ;-) I'm joking, for a little extra we can paint it in white too). Oh, and we can add your branding in the walls, where it currently says Sun too just for a few extra bucks.


Steve Ballmer said...

You promised confidentiality!

Fake Scott said...

Pal, I was committed to keep the secret, but since it was published in numerous webs (naming your own sources), I felt released of this promise.
Anyhow, the offer for using Solaris kernel in your next OS is still secret. By the way, we are expecting the evaluation of your engineers to close the deal (the first payment arrived on time to count it in our FY08 results, thanks for that).