Friday, January 25, 2008

Oracle Buys Bea: Customers, your chance to run to the Sunlight!

As you already know dear Larry has bought another company, Bea Systems. What people is asking is not why Oracle is buying Bea, but what will happen to the technology that now overlaps in both companies. Surprisingly to me they are not talking about hardware, so I don't really understand the concerns of customers and blogger in general in this matter. Of course this time I'm not going to say that it is like two garbage trucks colliding, as Ashok sustains that Bea has really interesting middleware software (I don't know what he means, but you know, interns are this way, giving opinions for free all the time...). Indeed, what Ashok and other people tell me is that the only garbage truck here is Fusion, what some people says is a pathetic attempt of Oracle to leverage their presence in the database market with a mock-up of a middleware software (a nightmare, in the mouth of the few developers that suffer it). Sorry Larry, this is not my opinion -I don't know what they are talking about- but I have to reflect it in the shake of impartiality... So, what those folks think is that it is an Oracle's clever move: not only they get a wider customer base coming from Bea, but they can also drop all the Fusion middleware to get a serious software as the one from Bea.

Well, I talked to (fake) Larry last night -he phoned me to congratulate us for the tremendous financial results of this quarter-, and asked him about this reasoning. Of course he agreed in the first half of the statement: they wanted Bea for the customers installed base, but he didn't understood the second half: "I can't see why a customer would be interested in replacing our Fusion middleware with that from Bea, I'd rather see customer doing the opposite. What we really were after were Bea customers, nothing else, you know", and the we arranged a meeting to test the new yatch Larry bought (that's why he abandoned his fake blog, cause he ran out of time).
So, as many people suspects, this is the real end of Bea. The message is clear to Bea customers: it is the time to switch to Sun, we'll never give you up (and if we did, our software is opensource anyway).
And if you don't switch to our middleware, well, think that our hardware is the best for Oracle apps.

Friday, January 18, 2008

John C. Dv-What do you drink for breakfast?

I'm furious. I've just read an article of that Dvorak guy -I enclose his picture here if you, as Ashok, have never heard of that guy before- criticizing our buying of MySQL.
Pal, you may not like it, but you are absolutely wrong on what you are saying. The funniest thing is that supposed complot we set up with Larry and the
Oracle guys.
One of your pathetic arguments is about our looong acquisitions history -and you even use our own list-. Well, maybe not all of our mergers were successful, but lately we are improving: Afara an Kealia paid a lot back by designing a lot of our new hardware stuff; Waveset and Neogent put us as leaders in Identity Management software and helped us revamp all our software portfolio together with SeeBeyond -hmm, Forté is not on the list...-; Storagetek also is paying a lot in synergies and new customers and revenues -ahhh, I love iron-...), so, here you have it, we know how to merge a company and do it well.
How you dare criticizing us so lightly? Tell me, have you ever created a company that changed everything in the computer industry? Have you ever been CEO of a company for more than 20 years? Have you ever invented Java, available in zillions of devices on the Earth and other planets of the Solar System? Do you know what is to publish a preliminary results of about $250M? Do you know what is to have $5Billion in cash in the bank account? -Gosh... I have to stop right now, I'm having a hard on reviewing all my facts...-


The most fanny thing of the article by John is the affirmation that we are acting as a puppet serving Oracle interests. Well, maybe you have a clue here: Oracle is no longer our beloved friend, as they are not selling our iron in the same way they did before. They are now betting for cheaper and frigtard opensource operating systems and they are telling customers not to buy so much iron, but cheaper one, so, Why shouldn't we offer a database to compete with them? There you have it.

Sun Profitable in Q2 FY07

Folks, I just want to thank all the people working so hard at Sun to make this things happen. I also want to thank all of our customers to make this big success for us. Again, we can say that we are a profitable company and we are going to post benefits for the second quarter of the fiscal year. Thank you all, I say it from my heart: my new yatch is nearer every day the stock goes up and the company bonus is more feasible. Larry, you'll die of envy when you see it!

Sun Shopping Again: MySQL

Well, as you can see I've been quite busy lately closing the deal with the management of our latest acquisition: MySQL. As you can imagine, Jonathan has also been pretty busy helping me closing the deal (well, the media will say that it was all his job, but we know who is the boss here). By the way, he'll be busy a few days more, as he is right now writing all the zeros of the check we have to pay. I'd rather some king of electronic transfer, but they insisted as it is the way they do it in Belgium.
- Ashok tells me that they are Swedish, not Bulgarians. Who cares... those Europeans do many strange things, I only like them because all the trouble they are causing the Borg-

By the way, I took the picture from Jonathan's blog. Thanks pal.

Well, I only can say that I'm very proud and happy with this deal. I'm afraid that the poll about what software company should we buy has to be reformed taking into account recent news -sorry, the board didn't allow me to add MySQL as I cannot disclose some confidential information-, so before modifying the poll I'll accept suggestions on what companies should we buy (although my personal bet is RedHat: I still tell Jonathan and all the folks at the board that we should buy it, include all the RH software in Solaris, and then kill that stinking OS for frigtards forever).
Well, I have to leave, it's time to get my medication...