Friday, January 18, 2008

John C. Dv-What do you drink for breakfast?

I'm furious. I've just read an article of that Dvorak guy -I enclose his picture here if you, as Ashok, have never heard of that guy before- criticizing our buying of MySQL.
Pal, you may not like it, but you are absolutely wrong on what you are saying. The funniest thing is that supposed complot we set up with Larry and the
Oracle guys.
One of your pathetic arguments is about our looong acquisitions history -and you even use our own list-. Well, maybe not all of our mergers were successful, but lately we are improving: Afara an Kealia paid a lot back by designing a lot of our new hardware stuff; Waveset and Neogent put us as leaders in Identity Management software and helped us revamp all our software portfolio together with SeeBeyond -hmm, Forté is not on the list...-; Storagetek also is paying a lot in synergies and new customers and revenues -ahhh, I love iron-...), so, here you have it, we know how to merge a company and do it well.
How you dare criticizing us so lightly? Tell me, have you ever created a company that changed everything in the computer industry? Have you ever been CEO of a company for more than 20 years? Have you ever invented Java, available in zillions of devices on the Earth and other planets of the Solar System? Do you know what is to publish a preliminary results of about $250M? Do you know what is to have $5Billion in cash in the bank account? -Gosh... I have to stop right now, I'm having a hard on reviewing all my facts...-


The most fanny thing of the article by John is the affirmation that we are acting as a puppet serving Oracle interests. Well, maybe you have a clue here: Oracle is no longer our beloved friend, as they are not selling our iron in the same way they did before. They are now betting for cheaper and frigtard opensource operating systems and they are telling customers not to buy so much iron, but cheaper one, so, Why shouldn't we offer a database to compete with them? There you have it.

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sh!tstirrer said...

With the mySQL acquisition, Oracle can go take a flying leap. ;-)