Friday, January 18, 2008

Sun Shopping Again: MySQL

Well, as you can see I've been quite busy lately closing the deal with the management of our latest acquisition: MySQL. As you can imagine, Jonathan has also been pretty busy helping me closing the deal (well, the media will say that it was all his job, but we know who is the boss here). By the way, he'll be busy a few days more, as he is right now writing all the zeros of the check we have to pay. I'd rather some king of electronic transfer, but they insisted as it is the way they do it in Belgium.
- Ashok tells me that they are Swedish, not Bulgarians. Who cares... those Europeans do many strange things, I only like them because all the trouble they are causing the Borg-

By the way, I took the picture from Jonathan's blog. Thanks pal.

Well, I only can say that I'm very proud and happy with this deal. I'm afraid that the poll about what software company should we buy has to be reformed taking into account recent news -sorry, the board didn't allow me to add MySQL as I cannot disclose some confidential information-, so before modifying the poll I'll accept suggestions on what companies should we buy (although my personal bet is RedHat: I still tell Jonathan and all the folks at the board that we should buy it, include all the RH software in Solaris, and then kill that stinking OS for frigtards forever).
Well, I have to leave, it's time to get my medication...

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