Friday, January 25, 2008

Oracle Buys Bea: Customers, your chance to run to the Sunlight!

As you already know dear Larry has bought another company, Bea Systems. What people is asking is not why Oracle is buying Bea, but what will happen to the technology that now overlaps in both companies. Surprisingly to me they are not talking about hardware, so I don't really understand the concerns of customers and blogger in general in this matter. Of course this time I'm not going to say that it is like two garbage trucks colliding, as Ashok sustains that Bea has really interesting middleware software (I don't know what he means, but you know, interns are this way, giving opinions for free all the time...). Indeed, what Ashok and other people tell me is that the only garbage truck here is Fusion, what some people says is a pathetic attempt of Oracle to leverage their presence in the database market with a mock-up of a middleware software (a nightmare, in the mouth of the few developers that suffer it). Sorry Larry, this is not my opinion -I don't know what they are talking about- but I have to reflect it in the shake of impartiality... So, what those folks think is that it is an Oracle's clever move: not only they get a wider customer base coming from Bea, but they can also drop all the Fusion middleware to get a serious software as the one from Bea.

Well, I talked to (fake) Larry last night -he phoned me to congratulate us for the tremendous financial results of this quarter-, and asked him about this reasoning. Of course he agreed in the first half of the statement: they wanted Bea for the customers installed base, but he didn't understood the second half: "I can't see why a customer would be interested in replacing our Fusion middleware with that from Bea, I'd rather see customer doing the opposite. What we really were after were Bea customers, nothing else, you know", and the we arranged a meeting to test the new yatch Larry bought (that's why he abandoned his fake blog, cause he ran out of time).
So, as many people suspects, this is the real end of Bea. The message is clear to Bea customers: it is the time to switch to Sun, we'll never give you up (and if we did, our software is opensource anyway).
And if you don't switch to our middleware, well, think that our hardware is the best for Oracle apps.

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