Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Today is the supertuesday, where very likely McCain will gain the nomination in the Republican side, and
either Obama or Hillary will obtain some advantage over his rival, but probably the Dems will not have a
clear winner (unless there is a surprise).
Which is the role of a technological blogger as us in this situation? I have my very own opinion (appart
from "The Network is the Computer" and "Surrender: you have no privacy"), and I think we should not give
any opinion related to this matter, as we should be only concerned about technology and our business.
But we are all Americans (well, Ashok isn't, but writes for me), and there are other fake CEO bloggers that

are asking to vote for some candidate in particular.
The funny thing about this bloggers is that they are not really putting their money where their mouth is
(for instance, neither Jobs nor fake Jobs are putting their money for any of the candidates involved in the
campaign, and fake Jobs is asking to vote for Obama).
I think a CEO (and a fake CEO too), should not fund any candidate: imagine that the winner is another one and
you are publicly supporting the other candidate... That's why Johnatan is not funding (at least not publicly),
any of the candidates: he has me and the other VPs to do the dirty job. That's why my real me is funding
Rommney (I know he will not win, but someone has to approach the GOP just in case they win).
The truth is that today I'm going to vote for Hillary, despite the funding my real me has done. Why? Easy:
We need the Dems back, and Obama is not a suitable candidate in my opinion. He is not experienced, he is not
making sustainable proposals, and so he would not be a good presindent. Besides that, Obama is the only
opportunity the GOP has to win the presidendcy again. He is not a candidate for the integration, but for
division, as he is too radical in his proposals. On the other hand, I believe that Hillary is the integration
candidate we need: many republicans that would never accept the radicals approach from Obama would easyly vote
for Hillary (as they are also fed up with the current administration). So, Hillary is the candidate we need,
and I'll vote for her today.

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