Monday, February 11, 2008

Free Virtualization, and Sun's Q2 Results

Well, back to (iron) business.
Memo: Ashok, don't write articles sooo long, people don't read till the end usually. Ups, sorry, we are in the air.

Well, as I was saying (I have to talk to Ashok not to write everything I say while I'm dictating him, just the information for the blog), I'm dubbing the title of this blog entry as the one from the Jonathan's one. As you know, we provided strong results for our Q2, so we are absolutely exultant those days at the office, and so are our customers and partners. You just have to take a look at this picture:

It shows a group of our partners drinking champagne and toasting for our success. Yes, they are toasting with such enormous smiles because they know something that you don't know. Do you want to know what it is? Me too!!! Jonathan, why didn't you told me anything about those people coming to the office, and all about the champagne? Come on, I appointed you to the job, just show me a little of respect and at least inform me when you are going to have a party at the office!!!
Well, at least Jonathan hasn't discovered the secret bar I made install under the presidential desk that emerges from the floor when pressing Ctr+Alt+Del in the SunRay...

P.D.: Does that biiig smile in Jonathan's face that he finally found my secret bar...?

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