Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mobile World Congress

Well, my mission is clear here: not to buy a new iPhone (Can you guess which is the _only _ non-Java-enabled mobile maker not present at the fair?), but to sell Java to all those frig... I mean, those marvelous mobile makers of all over the world that now are joining in Barcelona to show their latest inventions.

If they don't already know, they will: JavaFX, Java in general, is what they need for their platforms, so they can build the games, the applications, the interfaces just once, and use them in any device they may build today or tomorrow (and pay Sun for each of them they build... it's a great deal for both parties).

I know, you are wondering why there is a picture of Robert Redford in this blog entry. It is simple: he is 'headlining' at the conference, and it seems he is going to talk about "...the potential of mobile - the ‘4th screen’ - as a medium for independent filmmakers to reach new audiences on a global basis..."

Hmmm, well, now I'm supposed to say something intelligent about this... but, er, well, what the heck, I don't really mind as long as the mobile has Java embedded and the broadcasting or the mobile operator is running Solaris and Sparc. That's why I like Robert, because he named his filmaking festival and the institute after our great company: Sun dance. Thank you Robert!

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Steve Ballmer said...

Tehre is some pretty impressive stuff here, but wait until next year when they have Side-Kick-ZunePhones!

the answer to your RED question is (NEVER)!