Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sun is infected with the Oracle Buying Voracity: Now Innotek

I'm this week in a place called Barcelona (I think they became famous because of the bullfighting and because the Olimpic Games, but I'll ask Ashok to search for details later), attending the Mobile World Congress. So, it seems that Germany is nearby, because I told James (he is the pilot of our company jet) to stop by in Stuttgart to sign the contract to buy another company for Sun: Innotek.

I know, I didn't include it in the las survey of Sun's purchase, but if I had done that the SEC would have warned me, and besides that, I'm interested in knowing which company should we buy, not what we are going to buy, I already know it!!

Well, talking about Innotek people, they are very nice, they already included in their home page a link to the press release we added in our corporate web announcing the purchase, so I guess they already feel in the family.
I really like those people, so civilized, we signed the contract and then got me to eat some strudel and Sauerkraut, you know, all the typical stuff -Memo: Tell James to refill the Alka-Seltzers of the jet ASAP-. Maybe they are even too civilized: in order to prevent global warming they didn't drove me back to the airport, the left me at the Endersbach station and instructed me on how to use the orange vending machines to buy the ticket (in the train it costs a little more...).
Well, it is the least one can expect from someone who has received a check of $-sorry, undiscosed ammount-.
Why did we bought this company? Well, it is crystal clear, at least for Jonathan, as indeed it was all his idea to make this deal, and he told me while I was flying over the UK to make that little detour to sign the contract before attending the congress (well, he told James to tell me...).

The truth is that I'm trying to reach him to get some word about the real reasons why are we buying those OpenSource, non-profit organizations instead of well established and recognized manufacturers. I don't want him to come again with the "community" explanation, that we are investing in the "community" and giving back what we got in the past, and all that hippie stuff about the karma and getting back what we seed in the past, and so on. I expect him to tell me where the real bucks are in this deal. I'll tell you as soon as I know.

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Steve Ballmer said...

Open Source is a dieing, wounded, weak animal with the vultures moving in! It won't be around much longer!