Monday, February 25, 2008

Writers Strike: We saw that coming!

Yeah, we saw that coming a long, long, long time ago, and we took our measures about it.
The Writers Guild of America just wanted to increase their share in the distribution of films and shows through the Internet, basically.
So, can you tell me what is the difference between a writer and a programmer? A writer just writes a few lines (or all the lines, ok), of a show, and then it is given to a director, who decides if he likes it or not -and always introduces its own changes, just to show who is the boss-, then the producer approves it (or not), and finally the actors play what the director say they have to play, more or less based in what the writers wrote before -it is, sometimes there is no relation between the original script and what is showed in the film-.

What about a programmer? Well, indeed they are much like writers, directors and actors at the same time, as they are the ones _the_only_ones_ that write the code and need to be sure that everything is working fine -believe me, Jonathan doesn't modify a line of the code generated by our programmers-.

What do you think, that we give our programmers a share of every software, of every Solaris we sell? Well, the answer is no. And the same happens in the rest of the industry (name it Apple, Oracle, IBM or whatever you like). Well, some may argue that some of our employees get stock options and all that stuff... peanuts. And we don't give an extra dime to those outsourced employees overseas, of course.
So, now that the Writers of America have managed to win in their demands, what may prevent Programmers of America to go on strike asking for their share in every piece of software sold? I have the answer: OpenSource.
Yeah, I have to admit it. Jonathan had a great, a brilliant idea: if the software is OpenSource, it, indeed doesn't belong to anybody, and so the programmers cannot ask us for a share in the benefits, because I'm selling it, but it's not mine, it's theirs.... Whahahahaha, I like it!

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Steve Ballmer said...

I write all of my own stuff scotty!