Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sailing Away!

Yes, I'm sailing away, at least for the weekend. I had an appointment with Larry to adjust some details of the merger, so he said "pal, why don't we discuss it off-shore?" I couldn't say no, he is going to be in charge from now on, so I was going to propose him a cancellation with any kind of excuse because of the bad weather in the Bay Area (if it is only 58 here in the coast, imagine off-shore!, not to talk about the wind and the rain...), when I suddenly remembered the yacht that Larry has...

Nothing wrong can happen in a ship called "Rising Sun".
We are supposed to be back on Monday for usual business, but with Larry you never know...
Anyway, with the satellite phone installed in the ship I can instruct Ashok to post my thoughts as usual. Larry is also planning to install a Datacenter in a Box with some Sun Rays, matching the name of the ship, so communication is not a problem there.


Fake Scott said...

Dear GregYC:

Of course not. Who is that guy?
I am not going to explain the rules of the blog, nor going to justify the use of real names of employees in the blog (with the SunID is enough, you know), but what I'm not going to tolerate is someone to steal my credit of doing this blog!!!

If you want to know about myself, if you want to discuss about the blog, if you want to share Sun's stories you want to see published in the blog, please, use the email:

I'm not Scott McNealy pretending not to be Scott McNealy...

GregYC said...

The English of the person replying to comments seems much better than the English of the blogger here. Hmmm...

Fake Scott said...

Dear GregYC:

I guess it was pretty clear in my previous comment: I won't tolerate comments that may steal me ANY credit about doing this blog: and this is why I'm removing some comments, and will keep on doing so!!!

By the way, Ashok, my assistant who usually does all the posting, is pretty sad after what you said about his English.

As you forgot to include your SunID, you can email me it and ask whatever you want.

But again, WHO the hell is that guy?


See you tomorrow. Good night.