Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back in business!

The other day I was absolutely fed-up with playing golf and being politically correct with customers and over all with our competition. But as I retired, it is not so easy to go back kicking ass again as if those years hadn't passed and all was like in the 90's. After all, I choose Jonathan for the job (well, it's true, I expected him to fail so I could get back triumphant..), and the boy is doing it quite well. Even that awckward movement of changing the ticker to Java has paid off (so far...), and the stocks are performing right.
It is not a matter of changing to a more macho game like hockey or the like (which I rather prefer from golf). I need corporate action, shark fighting, and criticising Micro$oft.
So, as the new (and retired) Scooter cannot do such things, I thought in copying Jonathan idea of starting a blog. And then there was that fake Steve, and again that fake Jonathan, so they can say what they really think without bothering about stockholders and lawyers, so I came to Jonathan (the fake, of course) to ask him a piece of advice.
He looked at me, messed his ponytail and said "no problem, I'll send you someone from my blog team to help you starting yours. But, if you really want to do an interesting blog, and different from the rest of fake CEOs, you have to go out of the Santa Clara offices and travel, all around the World, to meet new people and new ideas: Share with the World".
Well, I'm not really certain about his intentions right now, but then it sounded like a great idea. Besides, being a fake person, I can be today here and tomorrow in Tokyo, and five minutes later in Scotland with Bono (oh, sorry, I just learned from Steve that Bono is not Scottish but Irish, I think).
Nevertheless, as Sun (JAVA) is doing, I'm back!

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