Thursday, August 30, 2007

Driving Innovation.

Hey dudes, I'm not only back blogging here, but I got also some responsibilities in one of our mainstream divisions at Sun, the Sun Microsystems Federal Inc.
One of our aims is to server our Great country, and one of our clients is our Army, so we decided to create an exclusive version of one of our most advanced and "avant-garded" products: the datacenter in a box, or, as you already know it, the BlackBox (Please, do not confuse it with black operations, it is something absolutely not related to that), in camouflage version.

This is just a prototype. We are planning to offer several versions, with winter camouflage, Western Europe Scenario camouflage and a Dessert Storm special edition.
I think it is clearly spotted in the picture that WE at Sun are driving innovation.
So, what are you waiting for? Rush to buy one of our BlackBoxes and install it in your garden, or your roof!
(Photo by Sun Microsystems, of course)

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