Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Searching for Higher Marks

Jonathan, are you already back from your little excursion to El Capitan?
I have to recognize you have the guts, although I didn't expected you to come back so soon... I was planning to help you a little more with the company and planned a meeting with Michael Lehman (I have some frigging good ideas about turning up the shares and reaching higher marks for Sun).
Anyhow, Fake Larry told me he didn't finished the summit because he found it way too easy and because he had promised me a sail in his new litlle boat (you know him, he said that in the middle of the sea when we
were running out of dry Martinis), so that's the reason why he came back before time (I now he was quite happy when he begun hugging me and telling me how much he loved our Solaris to run his stuff instead of the Freetards stuff, you know...).
The thing is, Jonathan, I have a lot of faith in what you can achieve, so I have been searching for new opportunities for you, and ways of reaching higher marks for you and for Sun. So, next thing you have to do is climbing a higher mountain, like the one in the following picture:

And don't worry, it doesn't matter how long it takes you to do such a thing, I can handle the company while you are away. It is more, while you were climbing, our shares boosted, so it seems I did it quite right while you were on your little excursion... Imagine if you were away a few days more...

(Images from Fake Jonathan's Secret Diary and

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Fake Jonathan said...

Look Scott, I'm sure you're getting a little antsy in that cast of yours, but I need you to focus on getting better so you can get Sun Fed back in shape.

And don't forget for vote for my 4-1 stock split.