Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hiring at Sun

Yeah, I know, I have been out for a while, but you know, at first Jonathan kept me away of all the Micro$soft news (arrrgh, it still hurts when I recall the agreement... If I hadn't appointed the guy to the job...), with no real reason, as I think this is right for the business (arhg, that sting again, I will not mention that subject again). Then, I was a little bit busy trying to find adequate people to help Sun, people we call "intellectual capital", people capable to provide a difference. That's why I have been in conversation with Senator Ernest Chambers.
As you may know, Senator Chambers has just begun a legal battle with God, and that's one of the main reasons we want to hire him: If he is able to sue God, imagine what he will do with NetApp!!!
Dear folks of NetApp, didn't you have enough knowing what we did with Micro$oft? Didn't you know that we were able to get some billions from the Borg (as Jobso likes to say) after our legal battle? As you seem to be deaf, we will fight you as in the old times, whaaaaa!!!!
By the way, Jobso, thanks for providing me with such wonderful photo of me in the old times when I really did so much fighting against all those Borgs trying to dominate the world and so on...

Oh, and people from NetApp, no hard feelings, please, after we have gotten your money, we may became OEM resellers of your stuff, you know how this works.
(Pictures from the Wikipedia and from Fake Steve Jobs).

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