Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sun Shopping: II

Well, as you may know, there is a rumor over there saying that BEA is being sold. We are not really interested in buying BEA nor anything that may resemble (real) software. Er, I mean, we are interested in buying authentic software companies, as those that build chic keyboards or wonderful monitors for our servers, but one has to listen to the market and the shareholders and so on, so, I'm beginning a pool to decide which company is best to be bought by Sun in a near future. I admit suggestions but while I receive your comments, I'll add some companies to start up: BEA, Oracle, SAP (I don't know why the call it a software company, as we sell huge iron whenever they sell their stuff, but, you know...), Micro$oft, IBM (their Lotus and software part, you know), RedHat and Novell. I'd also add Dell, but my intern here says they are not into the software business... ok then. Once we have a result, I'll ask you about ideas of what to do with them.
And they say I cannot manage a big company, ha!

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