Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The New Slogan for Sun: Related to Web 2.0

I've seen lately that our friend FSJ is wondering what our new slogan is going to be, and as I can see that he has not a clue at all, I want to make him a favor, in the name of the 'ol times where we were about to merge in one company, you know.
Well, I know that this kind of announcements are Jonathan specialty, but as he is kinda busy with the Microsoft announcement and buying some kind of "software" company, I want to give you the premier of the new slogan (besides, it is my invention, that is why Jonathan says I'm a great asset for the company). Ok, lets stop talking, here you have it:

Sun, we are the Zero in Web 2.0

You know, I liked the old one of the dot com, but revised for the new times.

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Steve Ballmer said...

Earlier this year it was Novell, now it's Sun Micro Systems!
I wondered how long these guys could hold out against us, in the end no one can really.
Jonathan Schawrtz, Sun's illustrious, forward thinking, eager-beaver, level-headed, pragmatic, pony-tailed leader has seen the future, a Microsoft future! The guy is smarter than I thought, he wants to get out in a few years with some cash in pocket. You see all of the big exec's know how this works (It's called the 16 steps plan:

1. Resist Microsoft (gain a rep)
2. Become almost cultishly blind to the realities surrounding you.
3. Release some cool products (declare them to be cool anyways)
4. Lose money hand over fist every quarter for a few years.
5. Blame Microsoft
6. Hint at softening your stance (but deny it in public)
7. Sneak into Redmond, beg me for help, bow before me
8. Wait 6 months for a reply
9. Announce a "strategic alliance" new era of cooperation and understanding
10. Open some of your source code to us
11. We release favorable press releases about you (your stock goes up)
12. Once we have "absorbed" what we wanted and made simmilar apps which don't work quite as well, we announce an end of the alliance and blame you!
13. Your stock plummets to record lows
14. We offer to Buy your company cheap ... but CEO gets sweetheart deal.
15. Buy, downsize, dismantle, assimilate remainder
16. Deny your company ever existed.

Schawrtz is now entering step 9. I'm sooo excited!