Monday, April 21, 2008

We are not in financial struggle

There has been recently some false rumors about our financial performance during this third quarter of our fiscal year and about the perspectives of our fourth quarter (that corresponds with the months of April, May and June). I have to say that this is absolutely false, there is no reason to suspect that our systems sales have dropped in the US on account of the economy (the sub-prime crisis, you know), and our health is undoubtedly strong, as you'll see in our results announce next first of May.

It is true that I have been working myself in the forge of the new servers, but it is because of my profound wisdom and because I really like to do real work myself, not because the board said anything about my huge salary and a shortage of money to pay qualified workers. I just enjoy working in the factory like I used to in the old times.

Oh, by the way, a message from our CFO to our beloved employees: We are thinking in changing our internal travel website (currently Amex), for this one:
Comments are welcome. Oh, and he also reminds me that hitchhiking is an acceptable option for any company travel from now on until new order (fake Lehman said so).

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