Wednesday, June 18, 2008

HPC Computing in a Box

It seems that we are miniaturizing everything we have so far. Maybe it is that we are recalling what we did with the first 'pizza boxes', once upon a time in the late eighties, and we are just trying to repeat the same success.

Now it is the HPC in a box, we have been able to miniaturize most of the pieces involved in a HPC environment (even the price of it, the part I don't like to minimize...), keeping the power, so we have reached a wonderful 4th position at the top500 list of the most powerful supercomputers in the world. And with less cable use than our competitors (I guess this is also part of our green strategy...).

And no Steve, I'm sorry, we are not running Wirus Vista in our servers... but our offer to sell you our Solaris kernel for Windows 7 is still valid (plus a 20%, of course).

Ahhmmm, I just love iron.

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