Sunday, June 8, 2008

Out of the office: holidays in Spain

Well, I won't be on real vacation, at least this is what I said in the office, as I will be meeting with some ministers of the Spanish government, so it is just work after all...

Don't think that I'm one of those illiterate that think that Spain is just south of the border with Mexico and that you can travel there by bus, I know it is in the old Europe (been there a few times before!), although I'm not sure if it is between Greece or Italy or south the UK (thanks, Ashok just showed me Google Maps and I can see it is south France).
Well, I'll have the chance to follow my friend (fake) Steve's advice and go to visit El Bulli after meeting with the ministers, and some Museums in Madrid. I'm visiting the new formed government and as I want to leave a permanent impression I'm giving them a fully new -pre-sales guys swear they had only been used in 345 presentations previously- and personalized SunRays (just as the one in the photo).

As you can see, it has surface enough to add much more drawings than those already painted in the personalized Zunes that both (fake)Steves are showing in their pages.


Steve Ballmer said...

I thought I was your fake steve friend! We both can't be! CHOOSE!

Check out my Band, Balm:

dmtone said...

Not sure why, but the name Isaac Luria comes to mind. In case you don't know, you could check out the wiki:

Well, I guess, it must be Safed, which is in Northern Palestine, and is where Luria moved to in 1492, when the jews were expelled from Spain. 1492, Spain, Northern Palestine, Luria, Kabbalah, and Sun? Why not? On to Safed! :)