Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Leopard and Java: Is the party really over?

Dear Jobso,

I'm astonished after knowing that you are not including Java 1.6 in your latest version of Mac OS, that kitty thing (ups, sorry, my intern says the real name is Leopard). I've read some comments from our developers, you know, the communities we love to love at Sun, and that you should also love because they give you the value to your frigging operating system. Admit if my friend, just the OS is not cool enough to attract the public, you need the applications. As one of my advisers told me, is like having Viagra without having a chick: it's worth nothing. And you have to admit that there is a frigging huge community of Java developers out there waiting to upgrade to Leopard to make cool Java applications that are now thinking of switching to the Borg!

But, why is Apple not including Java in Leopold, as Ballmer calls it? It's quite simple: because they have to pay us royalties for every copy of Leopard including Java. It's that simple. That is the reason why the iPhone is not including Java, because Jobso doesn't want to pay us the royalties.
Jobso, my friend, I was about to think that you are having financial troubles with your company, but then your shares are skyrocketing and you are getting so much money from the iPhone (you are even getting money from the carriers if they sell your product!) that you even had to sell it cheaper... or is that you were not really selling as much iPhone as you say? Come on, Jobso, don't be so mean, spend a little money and make those poor developers happy again (and the Sun board will thank you too).


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