Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Scooter is back.

I'm back from my tortuous travel, and I have some interesting things to say in the following days. It took me more than I had foreseen to be back from Vegas, not because Jonathan doesn't allow me to use the corporate jet anymore (I understand it Jonathan, but making me travel with (low)Cost-inental and even not in business at least, is outrageous!), but because I had some interesting meetings. For instance, I stopped at D.C. to meet with (fake) Hillary to talk about her campaign and her funds raising (man, she is accumulating zillions for the presidential race), and to tell her that I will be supporting her (as soon as I know who will probably win in the Republican side I'll probably do the same, but less passionate, you know, we're Sun, we were very happy with Bill in the White House, with the bubble and so on, making the shares to boost to $80... I'm feeling nostalgic...).

Jonathan, if we haven't contributed to Hillary's campaign, believe me, it is the time to do so.

On the other side, one of our readers has suggested I should talk more about Sun Federal. I'll do it, I promise, as soon as I found out what it is about, I'll explain it to you.
If you think I spend all the time at D.C. pushing Sun Federal, you are wrong: I only go to D.C. if there is a good concert at the Kennedy Center, or if the President invites me to the inaugural party (this week they had the Solar Decathlon, a competition about Sun powered houses, so that's why I went there, to find out that those frigging houses were powered by the Sun, not by Sun Micro equipement... I was lucky to have scheduled my appointment with Hillary so the voyage was very interesting at last).

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