Monday, November 5, 2007

Congratulations: Sun posts 1Q profit!

Man, oh man, I'm so glad with this kind of news, and just a few days before our stockholder meeting! Maybe this way they'll just cheer us up and avoid the difficult questions...

Jonathan, I have to congratulate you, you are doing a great job turning things up (and I expect all the shareholders to congratulate me as I was the one who choose you for the job...).
I've heard you are inviting Ballmer to taste some good fine wine, so, you don't have to invite me, I'll hop by your house in half an hour, don't worry.

And of course, thank you very much to our workforce that is making possible this recovery (despite that our software is free, did I mention that?).

So, dear Sun fellows, keep doing what you are doing, I'm proud of you (not to mention my wife when she knew about the bonus I'm going to earn thanks to you!).


kickthebumout said...

How the flack can you get excited when your revenues are 3.6 Billion, and your earnings are a paltry 80 million. What's that? About 2.5 percent?!? That blows! I'm a loyal Sun devotee, but if I wanted to invest my money, I sure won't do it in Sun Micro. First order of business: kick Jon Schwartz the flack out! :)

Fake Scott said...

Dear kchkthebumout,

Maybe you are right, but as Jonathan says, you have to put things in context. Just take a look at our results in the very same quarter one year ago: there is truly a great advance. Of course, there is a lot to do yet, and I expect we'll be posting real money in a short period.
Besides that, I appointed Jonathan to the job, so I cannot fire him so soon, it would be as if I had failed by choosing him...