Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sun goes shopping (III)

I've just arrived to my office, thinking of a new post, when my interns inform me about the latest acquisition intent we are doing: Vaau, a company that seems to be in the line of the Identity Management Software area.
To be honest, I don't really get the point, as we have the best IdM solution in the world. I swear it, Gartner also says the same (you don't know how much did we have to pay to hear that from Gartner; what I'd love to know is how much did IBM and Oracle pay to be next to us having such a crapy products... Well, those are my interns opinions, of course, what would Ashok and his friends know about real business?).

Well, the thing is that everybody at the Software practice is excited with this, and they say this is what we need to keep us ahead in the IdM competition. I hope so, as long as this is good to sell our Niagara II.

By the way, I still keep my poll to know what company we should buy, apart from Vaau, of course. So far it seems that RedHat is winning our little competitions, but I still want to hear your opinions so I'll let Jonathan know what you think is best for Sun.

Pic taken from Vaau site (I hope a Sun site soon).

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