Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kennedy is back to the White House.

No, I'm not out of my mind. I know that Barack Obama is the new President of The United States, but after hearing his inaugural speech I had the feeling that he didn't said that we should 'not think about what our country can do for us, but think what we can do for our country' because it was already used. And seeing the expectation of this innauguration (even Ballmer is putting money for the parties!), somehow I have the feeling that Kennedy, or his spirit, is back to the USA.

I recognize that I was for Hillary and I think that we still have to see how he manages all the challenges in his presidency. Despite of that I confess I also have great expectations in Obama's term: I truly hope he will choose Jonathan as CIO of the USA... so we can get rid of him and stop the layoffs when I get back to manage Sun.

Mr. President, welcome to the Office, and good luck. You have a tremendous challenge in front of you, but you know you can count with the American People. And with me too.

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