Thursday, January 29, 2009

We are losing but wining...

Yesterday we posted our second quarter results. It seems that we lost $209M, so I went to see my friend Lehman (he insists that he is not one of the brothers, but I'm not so sure now...), so he could explain to me what that meant. Apparently we sold much more than analysts expected, but we still lost money, because we had to include $222M due to 'restructuring expenses'. It is: severance payments.
The math is easy: 222 - 209 = 13. So, by not firing anyone, we could have spent $13M in advertising and we would have finished the quarter in break even (if not selling much more on account on the adverts). Funny. I then asked Lehman what was next, if we should start shooting in our own feet. He's thinking about it and will send me a memo as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...


We only needs to RIF one additional person to become profitable again...the CEO.

STOP supporting that idiot with the BOD. You're undermining your legacy.

Anonymous said...

Please bring back your arrogance ! Please come back with your sparc on a keychain and ignore reality in a most wonderful Bush-like "if you're not with us, you're against us" scheme. Please scare away Bill Joy and all the other founders. Please re-organize the European organisation to it's paralyzing country based mode. Please let us all hate Microsoft because you do and make your company a reactive movement because your actions are just reactions on what Microsoft does. Please spend more money on OpenOffice so Sun can boast on it's open-source donations, whereas some 95% was invested in OO.. Please continue to travel the world and visit local Sun offices so to undermine Schwartz's plans.
Please come back..
Uh... or rather please.. step back..