Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sun acquires Q-Layer

I know it is not precisely fresh news, but I have received a couple of questions about this recently.
Sun acquires Q-Layer, in a period where Jonathan has announced layoffs, we still make investments buying new companies. Might seem contradictory, so I asked Jonathan to stop the layoffs and read my blog to solve the situation at Sun, but you never know.
Anyhow, the most repeated question is how much did we spend buying this company, as in the press release it didn't say a number and only included a rather cryptic phrase: 'The terms of the deal were not disclosed as the transaction is not material to Sun'. Well, I find it pretty clear: the transaction is not material, is just spiritual to Sun. Like cloud computing: just a spirit, a ghost, a buzzword... (well, as soon as I learn what is cloud computing I'll be posting about it).

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