Friday, March 6, 2009

Again: HP is NOT buying Sun

Just a while ago Hurd (the CEO of Hurd Practicioners, or HP for most of you), telling me, again, they are not buying us: 'apart from the reasons you say in your blog entry, which are basically true, you forgot to mention that there is no reason to buy something when we'll get it for free if we just wait enough time..." That is what he said. And that he wouldn't hire neither Jonathan nor me in the future.
I'm gonna play some hockey.


Wonder Warthog said...

do read the comments as well...
for example:

“The incentive driving CEOs and senior execs is to continuously cut costs and increase profits”

There are three main ways to do this. Either you grow the business which takes real executive effort and hopefully lowers the average cost, run as lean and efficient as possible (think of the executive jet) or you slash and burn. When i was starting out we called these the Japanese, Scandinavian and American styles

Anonymous said...

If IBM buys sun we[Sun customers] are all screwed.

Anonymous said...

Not as screwed as shareholders and employees will be if Jonathan Schwartz remains CEO.

There is an alternative: The Board can fire Schwartz and hire a CEO that can tell the difference between his ass and a hole in the ground.