Friday, March 27, 2009

IBM-Sun talks could extend during next week

Yes, this is what is said in the rumor-sphere, and analysts seem surprised to see that the due-dilligence process would extend for at least a couple of weeks (a process we do not confirm nor deny, as we don't comment on market rumors). What do you think IBM is trying to buy, John's Bakery down the street? As you might imagine, a company like Sun is a little bit complex, with a huge number of contracts, licences and customers: and this is what IBM wants to be sure of, the real value of Sun, its customer base.
On the other hand, our internal CRM, ERP, BI, Whateve-You-Think-About, the infamous IBIS, is based on Oracle software... so you can imagine that trying to analyze anything stored inside this engender takes much more time than a couple of weeks (and I'm speaking of Johns Bakery, so go figure the time needed with Sun...).
Remember dear employees, we do not comment on market rumors (neither if the rumor is from Intel and says we -indeed SEMA and KKR- have been bitching around offering the company to anybody with some money).

Again, repeat after me: Sun do not comment on market rumors.
Say it again: NO to IBM, I mean, we do not comment on market rumors. Is that clear?

Real Scott McNealy: We'd forget your mistake choosing this Pony Tailed CEO if you take the company back. Why don't you ring Vinod, Andy and Bill and propose them to do something great, like in the old times, and buy the company back? I'm sure SEMA is willing to make you an interesting offer.

Meanwhile I'll keep on ringing Chambers to find an alternative salvation plan. I hope he's still running Cisco...

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