Monday, March 23, 2009

If the IBM merger succeeds...

Dear employees,

Just in case the merger with IBM happens to be more than a rumor, I just enclose here some useful information for that improbable, but not impossible, event.

Well, in my personal case I know what should have felt Luke Skywalker after Darth Vader told him "I'm your father". I guess that for you, dear employees, would be like if you are enrolled in the Rebel Alliance and then Princess Leia comes to tell you that the Empire has acquired all the shares of you revolution and now you all have been integrated in the Imperial Army... gasp!

Well, as I was telling you, here it is the most recent picture I have from the one that could become your boss: Mr. Palmisano (is an old one, when he took a more direct role in the projects leaded by IBM):

Oh, and here it is a picture of the IBM headquarters (don't use neutron bombs on it, consider it as 'home'):

In my next post I may talk about the new dress code at IBM, I've heard they've left blue for white.
I hope Ashok has not played with my photos as he used to do in the past...

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