Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Say no to IBM

I've just learned about the rumor (well, according to the rise of the shares, more than a rumor) that IBM is negotiating to buy Sun.
I only can say that I'll never sell my shares to IBM, and that I'll vote against this in the board (if they have the nerve to ask me). I'd really rather be selling to company to Micro$oft...
Yes, I admit that I've been talking to Netle's CEO to offer him the company, but this is for the sake of the people working here and to keep the dream we built along this years. Selling the company to IBM would mean the end of the dream, the death of Sun, as a company and as a spirit. IBM is only interested in two things: the installed base (our customers), and Java, and are most interested in the second thing, Java, to cut the grass under HP's feet. You know what I mean, HP is stronger than ever after buying EDS, so if they control Java (IBM), they'll have a strong argument to sell the bodies, I mean, the professional services they are both competing to sell. Otherwise, there is not a diferentiator in both offerings.
Make no mistake: IBM is not a technology company any more, they sell people, so if the technology doesn't work it is much better for them because this way they sell more services. And HP is willing to enter this market too.
Sun always represented a different choice: to reach the customers by providing leading edge technology to save costs. If we sell ourselves to IBM, all the innovation will be lost, as they are only interested in selling people (as I said, the worst the technology works, the more man-hours they sell to make projects work). If we sell ourselves to IBM, would be like selling our souls to the Devil, and so our souls might burn forever in the Hell of the abandoned cool technolohgy companies (like Netscape, Digital, Compaq, SeeBeyond....).

By the way, the one in the right int he picture is the Devil. The other one in the left is Jonathan with his Scientology celebration dress.

I hope this is just a bad dream, and that we'll all wake up and forget about this stupid subject. Perhaps is the influence over Jonathan of the old use our campus had in the past...

So, say NO to IBM. Post in Jonathan's blog, phone to your sales reps. saying that you'll never buy anything from Sun (and IBM) if the selling is done. Say NO to IBM, and over all, phone Steve Jobs: Steve, Apple-Sun is a great idea, and we'll keep your logo, please, give me a call.
Ok, ok, Ballmer is also invited to the bid... MicroSun is also a better idea than just dismanteling the company to just keep Java.

Say NO to IBM.


Anonymous said...

Well Scooter, the end is near. And in large part, this is your fault. You failed the most basic of CEO responsibilities FOR YEARS after the Internet bubble collapsed in 2000; you failed to bring Sun back to profitability by cutting costs.

Then, you hand-picked Jonathan as your replacement. Jonathan doesn't know jack shit about business. He's "brainy", and a "visionary". But in reality, he's an arrogant Silicon Valley Kool-Aid dispenser.

Then, when Jonathan's "vision" for Sun failed to produce results quarter after quarter you continued to support him with the Sun Board. (Did you ever actually look at the results? Did it ever dawn on you that each-and-every quarter that Jonathan was either COO of CEO that Sun actually shrunk in size?)

This is what happens to companies whose CEO's fail to manage for shareholder value; they are taken over by those that do, or they are relegated to history's trash bin.

Congratulations on having done a great job.

Fake Scott said...

Well, in my discharge I have to say that I'm only Fake Scott. If I was the real one, I'd have fired him long, long, long, time ago.

Do me a favor: spread the word, say NO to IBM. We'll then handle with Pony-tail.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Seems Scott has said 'no' so part one of your plan is now complete. Does anyone have Steve's home number?