Tuesday, March 31, 2009

IBIS update: rollout deferred

Well, it seems that the final rollout of IBIS has been deferred a few months, until July.
Does it mean that somebody has finally realized that it is a suicide to do the final step of the implementation of the system in the middle of the final quarter of the FY, meaning that during a couple of weeks no orders from customers could be processed?

I know, maybe the IBIS team is thinking just about a different thing: why hurry up with IBIS if we are going to substitute it quite soon with the one from IBM (no, IBIS does not mean Ibm Business Information System). I assure you not, this is not the reason, as we inside Sun never comment or think about market rumors.

Sun, the rumor company.
(I never succeeded with the 'Sun, the Java company brand, so I'm proposing a new one).

Maybe the real reason is that a great part of the IBIS implementation team is going to be left go (what a horrible euphemism to say we are firing people to try to limit the company costs... and maybe it is the way, but just firing one person would be enough...). Instead of hiring thousands of sales reps. and engineers and consultants we fire them. It is like shooting ourselves. Or is it part of the IBM conditions to buy the company?
No, we do not comment on rumors...

Say NO to IBM.


one angry partner said...

You know Scooter, what is the problem with Sun ? Arrogance, indecisiveness and apathy. There's lots and lots of talk going on, all good intentions, but at the end of the day, nobody takes responsibility and actually moves forward with something. NOBODY IS DOING ANYTHING !!!
Sun is sitting on a software goldmine, and nine out of ten people is jabbering about selling hardware. Yeah, sure some HPC set up is a wonder in engineering, but the rest is for the most ignored, but it sure doesn't stop the talking.
Now people are being cut, a much needed action since the bloat of the 1995-2001 era, and most people are just concerned about saving their own ass, chitchat with their boss and avoiding any possible risk. And they keep on talking and DO NOTHING. People are being cut because most staff people are incompetent, cost cutting is just a marvelous excuse.
My Little Pony is collectivelly blamed for a mess created by you, Scooter, and your pal Ed Zander. Nobody "manages" you, you manage yourself. Blaming Schwartz for Sun's pervading apathy is nonsense and psychologically unhealthy.
Sun is both the smartest and most stupid company i have ever had the misfortune to deal with. Stop bullshitting and do something for once in a while.
Make me proud for once.

rich said...

Fake Scott:

IBM is your friend. Other mergers result in tons of lost jobs and lost shareholder value.

That can't happen here.

I suggest that Sun people get used to that sentence. They'll be hearing it a lot in the future.