Friday, April 10, 2009

A couple of thoughts about the IBM affaire

I'm taking a rest from the Augusta's Master (I'm not allowed to play there as they say I earned enough as CEO, so I have fun watching the competitions and assessing Tiger on his return), so just wanted to write a couple of statements written by my great friend Paul Murphy (we never met, but because of the things he writes, I really appreciate, more than this, I love him!).
For instance:

What’s motivating IBM is precisely the opposite: they know they can’t compete with Sun in the marketplace and are using the opportunities created by the moral meltdown in Washington to shut Sun down via the legal and financial systems.

Or this one:

It’s easy to see what might drive IBM to this decision: they’ve got the money, anti-trust in the Obama era is just a dollar issue, Sun’s Unix licenses predate Novell’s and have more validity, and right now IBM can’t begin to compete with SPARC/Solaris on price, performance, reliability, or innovation.

The greatest thing of all is that what he writes is true.

Dear Rahul: Go and tell your people at SEMA that Sun is perfectly viable. We can easily make much more than those 9.50 per share you were about to take from the Real Borg. To achieve that we only need some peace of mind so we can focus in selling our stuff and set pace ahead of our competition in a blink. And you and your friends could help: stating that Sun is NOT for sale. Make a public statement, saying that all the IBM affaire was just a rumor (or don't say a word about it if you rather so) and say that you are confident with the future of the company. And put your money where your mouth is.
You won't regret it.

Have to get back to Augusta, seems Tiger is in trouble with his putt.

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