Sunday, April 19, 2009

Homage to my loved readers

This weeks have been so intense that I needed some rest.
I just wanted to leave a post here to thank all my readers and workers, indeed co-workers, their efforts, their passion and the number of hits given to this humble blog. There was such a huge number of users accessing the blog, that I spent all the past week refusing Gaagle's offer to add advertising to my pages.
Well, I never intended to do such a thing, I'm not doing this for money, just to express myself without the restrictions imposed by the safe harbor regulations and the SEC and all that crap, and I'll keep this blog in this way (unless I really need someday the money to buy back Sun again, but I count on you, dear readers, to help me so).

Well, I think that the best thing I can do is to write some excerpts from the opinions left by you, my readers (special thanks to Mr. Anonymous, who has left most of the comments so far...).

For instance:

"...Just ignore those idiots who say contradictory statements each and every minute, and continue with the tasks which has to be done to take the company back to its glory days..."

"...that IBM are not in OUR best interest. It [is] time for a Marketing Campaign....How about
"We're BACK and here to KICK SOME IBM ASS!"..."

"...JS..."Its time for you to go!" I think Bill Clinton also said this about the first Bush...and we all thought that about the second Bush...."

".....I agree we need to announce that we are not for sale....and then act like the market leader that we are!..."

"...Keep smiling scooter....and btw when are we going to announce that we are not for sale...our customers are dying to hear it...."

"....but this is the best article I have read on this bloody mess in a while......why don;t you figure out how to blast this to the masses left within SUN.....Also cc the Board..... "

"...Hope Scooter or Ponytail will have a look at these "Basic Fundamentals of Management..."

"...what's it going to take to for our Board to realize that we have almost of all of the tools necessary for success....except you as our leader...."

"...Lets take Sun back to the market [...] all the engineers want to keep working for Sun, not for any other company, specially NOT IBM..."

"...Have you talked to Gerstner lately....he knows how to right a sinking ship.....maybe he is up for a short term contract...or maybe Martha Stewart....


"...Scooter....Please tell us that those Lawyers have left MPK 10 and that the Board is going to put Pony Boy out to pasture!!!..."

"...WE SAY NO TO IBM !!! [...] COME ON SCOTT , KILL THEM [...] Come back..."

"...that our top brass should read Lou Gerstners book "who says elephants can's dance!"...sure if an elephant can dance...a Pony can learn to do the right thing....SAY NO TO IBM!..."

"....then I say Go for it will have every SUN employee behind you to make it work!..."

Even our partners are with us:

"...Now.. go off and fight ! Godspeed with those who dare..."

Well, thanks you all again. As I said, this is not the end, it might just be the end of the beginning.

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Anonymous said...

From JIS :

So today we take another step forward in our journey, but along a different path - by announcing that this weekend, our board of directors and I approved the acquisition of Sun Microsystems by the Oracle Corporation for $9.50/share in cash.