Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Fight Has Begun!!! Answer My Poll, Sun Shareholders!!

I'm weighting the support I'd have if I decide to fight against the IBM merger, so I just added a poll in this page.
It is intended for Sun shareholders, so if you have some shares, let me know if you'd support me with yours to avoid this Devil's son, I mean, this mistake of a merger. And do it soon, rumor has it that next week could everything be over. And they are offering halve what they spend on peanuts...

Of course, once I take the control of the company back I'd fire My Little Pony first thing in the morning. No hard feelings. I chose you, I fire you.

If you feel like, you can add comments saying how many shares you'd retain with you or would be willing to sell me (in that case say your price). It would be better to send me and e-mail, but we don't want to fill (real) Scott's account with spam, so I'm sure he'll read this blog and make the calculations.
Again: I'm not Scott McNealy pretending not to be me. Namaste...

On an unrelated note, just wanted to add that the organization we are just deploying at Sun is quite similar to what we had in the mid 90s, yes, that very same organization where the sales people preferred selling Bea Weblogic rather than iPlanet products because they were rewarded the same way, but had no headaches with unsatisfied customers. Live to tell...


Anonymous said...

I'm just a humble employee with about 1500 shares. I don't want to work for IBM, so I'll support you, but you have to change the way of doing things if you get back to the saddle...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2
Fake Scott......does anyone on the Board have a the courage to JUST SAY NO!

It will be a sad day if the likes of Ignatius (your little pony) and Ryan put us all through this reorg that quite frankly i think that they did a GREAT job of...not like the shuffling of the the way "this is the first time that I do not feel like they are shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic and that we are finally turning the corner to profitability",

It seems like to vote yes would be an admission that neither of them has the ability to make us profitable.....

I came from IBM, and if I have to go back, then I am leaving IT and joining the Toronto Maple Leafs...atleast that groups of loosers can make money while still loosing!

I have a few thousand shares....and I will say no...but only if we change the compensation plan for senior executives, cap their salaries at $400K and give them stock for the rest...that way they will have some skin in the game....BTW a friend of mine who is also a former IBM'er from Canada keeps saying that our top brass should read Lou Gerstners book "who says elephants can's dance!"...sure if an elephant can dance...a Pony can learn to do the right thing....SAY NO TO IBM!

ps ...IBM is going to lay us all off once they take all our IP and Scooter...maybe you should create another startup.....


Anonymous said...

Hi Scooter,
Counting shares and stock options, I have about 2,000 shares and I don't want to sell them to IBM, so count on them. Well, I don't want to loose my job, and this will happen if IBM buys Sun.

Say NO to IBM.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2 says:

IF this is TRUE....then I say Go for it will have every SUN employee behind you to make it work!

Run Scooter Run......

(I-Newswire) - SANTA CLARA, CA, March 30, 2009 /BSNesswire/ — Scott McNealy announced that he has resigned as Chairman of the Board of Sun Microsystems ( NASDAQ: JAVA ) to link with an investor group to launch a counter-bid for the company.

McNealy commented: “The terms IBM is offering are far below the intrinsic value of the company. IBM is trying to swoop in during a bad economic time and buy Sun assets and revenues with no regard to developing real value for Sun shareholders.”

The exact composition of the investor syndicate has not been announced but it does include Carl Icahn. Icahn is said to be prepared to use the same approach he employed with BEA Systems, another technology infrastructure company he successfully put into play. Eventually BEA went into the maw of Oracle.

What’s surprising about the combination is that Icahn tends to take an adversarial role with entrenched managements who often think their company is worth more than buyers are willing to offer. Yahoo investors can only dream about the $33/share Microsoft offer that was turned down.

Icahn certainly brings the resources for IBM or any other buyer of Sun to take notice. The company has also flirted with going private which could be another path that Icahn and McNealy may be exploring.

Rumor has it that Icahn has been using options and derivatives to build a “synthetic long” in Sun Microsystems stock to try and obscure his exact strategy and ownership position.

Insiders said that Icahn moved quickly when Sun put itself in play by talking to IBM. He contacted McNealy and sold him on taking a more aggressive strategy rather than being a sitting duck for sharp IBM negotiators.

Scott McNealy has been part of Sun since the beginning as a co-founder in 1982 along with Vinod Khosla and Andy Bechtolsheim.

McNealy also commented that the vision and product strategy of Sun has been building towards just this moment for decades and he’s not surprised that IBM wants to snatch it just before their strategy is fully vindicated by the massive adoption of cloud computing where Sun is a leader.

CONTACT: Judy McIntyre, BSNesswire, 617-475-3034

Anonymous said...

It is such a pity that it is only an Aprils fool...

Anyway, I'd love Scott coming back to our rescue: IBM means death for Sun and its employees.
Scott, please, come back, you can count on thousands of loyal employees, and now we are sure you won't repeat the mistakes of the past. The restructuring of the company seems fine, we have the best products ever, we can now do the real come back, kick ass and have fun!!

Say NO to IBM!!