Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hall of Fame and Shame and Stupid Analysts Opinions

Analysts and false journalists are funnier than ever.
Just have a look at this article by Jane Bads, very Bads indeed (I also know how to play with words, this is how I earned my reputation as a CEO, 30 years ago).
He, you call your blog Funny Business, how funny, if it wasn't because you work for CNBC I might be worry, but now I see this is a practical joke from my old friend (?) Ballmer.
Ballma, if you keep on the "stupid" article, you are not coming to my yacht this weekend. You are warned.

Jane, Ms. Bads, do you know what is stupid? To spend $4 billion buying StorageTek, another $1 billion buying MySQL, and many more acquisitions I'm not mentioning now (check the Wikipedia for a list), and then sell the company for $7 billion to a shark that is going to end with the dream of your life. Can you picture this? Here is a sample of the situation:Much love, Alburquerque.

Well, at least some of our politicians are not illiterate as some of our journalists, a fine good sample is Mr. Ritter, Governor of Colorado, that payed us a visit today. Of course he didn't meet with MLP, we don't want public servants to meet with ex-CEOs. (Ashok, don't write that this way, I cannot disclose such a kind of information in my blog. I know, I know I'm not Scott McNealy pretending not to be Scott McNealy and all that stuff, but just don't do it. And don't publish the notes I give you about what to publish or not).
What I won't tell you is that I met with Mr. Ritter, as we don't want to rise any rumor about the future of Schwartz at the company (although I did, in secret, and he encouraged me not to surrender against IBM as we are one of the major employers in Colorado).

[Unrelated note: Jonathan, Tuesday is not the day to issue the Five Minute Friday video, it is Friday. To say what you said in the video, you could have waited until Friday, even more, to the last Friday of December...]

I won't comment either the departure of Marc Tremblay to Microsoft. This could make people believe that Ballmer has any kind of interest to enter into the computer maker market (computer and real operating systems and software) and hiring Marc would be a way to hire a negotiator to integrate both businesses properly. Mista Ballma, you are such a nasty boy...

Say NO to IBM.
Say NO to Schwartz.


Anonymous said...

Great blog!!! Hope you are watching the developments inside Sun Very closely.... Who ever you are, you are doing a great work...

The so called analysts and MBAs have struggled(?) to great extent to screw the economy by their great knowledge(?). Its pathetic to hear from stupids who haven't seen a data center, (forget it.. they haven't seen inside main box of a computer, donno what is a mother board or cpu is) to comment on technology of data center, cloud or SaaS...

Just ignore those idiots who say contradictory statements each and every minute, and continue with the tasks which has to be done to take the company back to its glory days

Keep up the great work!!!

Anonymous said...

Scooter....Is it really Ture that JS is leaving to join Disney.... Rumor has it that Cinderella contacted him last week as little Red Riding Hood and the Three Pigs have decided that after all of these years that the Big Bad Wolf is really a nice guy, and as such have decided to forget about Grand Ma and the houses that he tried to destroy.... and have decided to move in with him......NOT!

Tell us its so....and that JS will be manning a Turkey Leg stand in Epcot as of May 1st.

On a lighter note....Thanks for not bashing Marc Tremblay. I know that for Marc to leave that something must have happened between him and the "Lack of Leadership".

Its unfortunate that many of the great leaders in SUN that all came in under your Leadership are feeling the same challenges on convincing JS and his group of warriors that IBM are not in OUR best interest. It time for a Marketing Campaign....How about

"We're BACK and here to KICK SOME IBM ASS!"

I think its about time for a new Family about You as the new Pres and the Board at the MPK entrance with a Not for Sale SIGN!

You can old a sign with the new KICK ASS slogan!

We got to get the message out to all of our customers that we are not for sale, and that we are confident that with our current restructuring that we are on the road to a healthy recovery! That being said we still need to remove the boil on the butt of SUN!

BTW did you see how the stock slipped back to $3 as the analysts predicted once everyone found out that IBM were too cheap!....

Gimmie a break.. analysts....maybe the easter bunny will bring them some nice eggs this weekend!

As for those Analysts....I prefer a more balanced approach ....vs listening to a bunch of "wanna bees" know what they say about a consultant....he is a guy who comes in, uses your watch and tells you what time it is!

Well we all know what time it is.....

JS..."Its time for you to go!" I think Bill Clinton also said this about the first Bush...and we all thought that about the second Bush....

Anonymous said...

Jonathan is a turd of a leader.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2: I think they call it an oxymoron when you use two conflicting words in on sentence....thus
Jonathan and leader should not be used in a single sentence!

BTW.....I agree we need to announce that we are not for sale....and then act like the market leader that we are!