Sunday, April 5, 2009

We Don't Comment On Rumors

It seems that tomorrow was going to be the big day, or the last day, as you wanted to see it. Even the scientology emperor of our dear MLP approved the deal (I have to talk seriously to Tom Cruise after this is over). Now, there is another rumor saying that we broke conversations with IBM, and that they are leaving the negotiations because we invited other partners to make offers for Sun. Well, maybe it is not true completely: it was me who broke some vases, but it was because I was wearing my hockey suit, and the IBM guys run away as if I was trying to hit them in the head. I won't say if MLP was fast enough. It's only a rumor.Oh, this is the 'board meeting' suit I'm going to wear from now on... It seems effective to explain my ideas...
Well, maybe tomorrow we'll know the truth. I tried to talk to that guy, Source, as he seems to know everything, but is a hard to find person.

Say NO to IBM.


Anonymous said...

Scooter...what's it going to take to for our Board to realize that we have almost of all of the tools necessary for success....except you as our leader.....Please come back!

Anonymous said...

Well done Scott, who is that Jonathan to sell your company !
Lets take Sun back to the market, yes we have to make some sacrifices layoff a little more people or sell out STK part. Then make Sun healthy again, all the engineers want to keep working for Sun, not for any other company, specially NOT IBM.
Apple would be better ;-)

one angry partner said...


Check out this then.. for the people who are familiar with the people who are familiar with how to construct a balloon to capture a cloud..

Now.. go off and fight ! Godspeed with those who dare.